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Formation Works for…Fibrus

19th September 2022

Although Formation Works properties are generally shared working environments with several organisations co-existing under one roof, sometimes a business comes along and likes what they see so much, they want it all for themselves. This is exactly what happened with our Dargan premises when it was viewed as a prospective new home for Fibrus. We spoke with Liam Mulholland about what it was that most appealed to them about this particular location and how they have found the experience to date.


Tell us a little about Fibrus and your role with the company

I’m Liam Mulholland, Service Operations Delivery Director for Fibrus. We’re a company providing full fibre to the premises, both here in Northern Ireland and more recently in mainland GB also.


A lot has changed in the global workplace over the last couple of years. Are your employees working a hybrid model or all office based?

Fibrus as an organisation has taken the decision to operate on a hybrid model – I think that is in line with most businesses these days. We have found great benefit for our staff in operating a blended model in terms of the flexibility it affords them to work from home on certain days and come to the office other days. We’re not being totally prescriptive on it; we all enjoy the flexibility of working from home and that’s how we intend to operate going forward also. It works for us and it works for them so it’s a good idea.


What are your thoughts on the importance of an attractive office environment for staff? How has the feedback been from them in terms of this particular building?

The working environment itself has become extremely important so that’s why Fibrus has taken the step of creating a Centre of Excellence here at Dargan. I’m really encouraged by the fact that when I talk to our staff, they just love the fact that we have such a flagship building. It’s been an investment in them from the company and an investment in them from the company to the customers for the service that we provide. Having a location like this is really very important and the feedback from the staff about coming to work here every day has been excellent. One comment that sticks in my mind is that it’s a very upbeat place to be, so when you’re getting that from your employees it has to be good!


Why did the Dargan Formation Works Building appeal to you?

Fibrus came to look at the Dargan premises and quite immediately knew it was going to be right for us, primarily based on location for two reasons: it’s easily accessible for our staff and it’s easy for our staff to get from here out to our customers. This centre is where our billing, customer service and installation teams are based, but also critically our Network Operation Centre is based here so that means all our field engineers now have a base. With the motorway access and not being city centre based, it means my engineers can get out very quickly to north, south, east and west very quickly. The location also has very good car parking facilities and that’s important for staff. It’s an ideal building in an ideal location so it suited our needs perfectly.


How would you sum up your experience with Formation Works?

Having led the charge from a Fibrus point of view in terms of creating this building, I have found Formation Works to be one of the best companies I have ever dealt with in my career in terms of delivering this type of project. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are first class to deal with, really collaborative and nothing is ever a problem. I’m really looking forward to developing that relationship over the next couple of years as we grow and get the full benefit of this building to serve our customers.