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Formation Works for…Weev

23rd February 2023

We’re honoured to have Weev as a core member of our Formation Works Edgewater shared office facility. In an era where the race to Zero Carbon is a prevalent consideration throughout the business community, businesses like Weev are becoming an increasingly important asset. Thomas O-Hagan, Chief Commercial Office at Weev, talks to us about his experience as a Formation Works member.

Tell us a little about Weev

Weev is an electric vehicle charging infrastructure company rolling out electric charge points across the island of Ireland to provide a modern and reliable charging network for customers who are making the transition to electric vehicles. Weev was established in 2022 and from very small beginnings we have grown significantly with approaching 20 staff as present and plans to grow much larger through 2023 and beyond.

A lot has changed in the global workplace over the last couple of years. Are your employees working a hybrid model or all office based?

Our team is flexible and the company has been set up on the basis of hybrid working. We enjoy being able to offer that flexibility for staff to be able to work where they need to be and where is best for both them and for the needs of the organisation. We do feel office based working is an important element of the hybrid system and in order to encourage staff to want to work in the office environment it was always going to be important to us to have an attractive office space to base ourselves in.

Why did the Edgewater Formation Works location appeal to you?

When we went to the market looking for a building to house our organisation we wanted to find a building which had good access for our team and colleagues but also one which would present a good, clean, modern environment for them when they came to work and Formation Works has certainly provided that to us.

Formation Works at Edgewater provides Weev with the perfect location and the perfect modern office facilities that we were looking for. We have access to our own kitchen and meeting spaces and our team are really happy with the location.

How have you found the experience with the Formation Works team to date?

The team have been really excellent from first engagement right through to the handover and the day we moved in. All of the deadlines and the main milestones along the way were delivered and we couldn’t ask for any more than that!

The timescale was only two months between making our first enquiry to getting the team moved in and operational which was a great benefit to us, especially as our growth has been so healthy and we were so keen to get moving quickly.

The overall experience with Formation Works has been second to none. The location and the design have been very well received, not just by our own colleagues, but also but also by visitors who come to see us and that’s something that’s really important to us too.

If someone was considering a move into a Formation Works property, what would your advice be?

Definitely reach out to the team, get a viewing of the property and the team will take you through and let you see for yourself what an excellent location it is for your business. Any business that wants a modern office facility, I would definitely recommend speaking to Formation Works.