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Formation Works for…Life Like Media

16th June 2023

Our ‘Formation Works for…’ series has shed light on the very diverse industries in which our members operate and has been a great way for us to get to know our members even better. In the case of Life Like Media, it’s been an extra special journey as they’ve travelled with us to meet our members and produce the fantastic video series you’ll find on our YouTube channel. We’re very honoured to have this wonderful team as members of FW Maryland on the Ballygowan Road in Belfast. In fact, they were our very first members at that location, so who better to give us some insight as to what its like to have based their business there.

Find out their story from Director, Paul Kennedy.

  • Tell us a little about LifeLike and the work you do.

LifeLike Media is a Creative Marketing Agency so most of the work we do is actually creating advertising for the likes of Instagram, TikTok and Facebook but on the side we’re also doing a lot of work with service based businesses in Northern Ireland, England and all over the UK. Our work does take us in all different directions but always in the media, and particularly on media that will appear on the internet.

  • What attracted you most to Formation Works Maryland?

The reason we were attracted to Formation Works Maryland was definitely the location. Half of our team are located within ten minutes of this building and the other half can get here from the Moira direction without having to sit in the nasty Belfast traffic so it is really handy as a location.

  • How would you describe the facilities?

The facilities here are simply incredible. The building is really high spec, very modern, a lovely kitchen area that the team can use for lunches. When we arrive we don’t have to scramble to find parking like in Belfast, there are lots of parking spaces here that are free so it takes a lot of the stress out of it for us.

  • What about your office space itself, how would you describe it in terms of its ability to meet your needs as a business?

The office we have itself is excellent – it’s big enough to support the individual needs of our business. We have a great breakaway area where we can take time away from our work to relax and chat or have meetings so we feel really lucky with the space that we have and we really love it!

  • Your team were previously all working remotely. How has the new arrangement at Formation Works helped your working practices if at all?

I highly recommend a shared workspace like Formation Works. The culture we have been able to build since we brought everyone away from remote working and into the same building has been incredible, not to mention the productivity and the creativity – the increases here have been really invaluable.

  • What would your advice be to anyone who may have Formation Works on their radar as a potential office space solution?

Anyone that is thinking of coming into a shared office space like Formation Works, I highly recommend it.  If you are considering it and are on the fence, I’d suggest coming in here, having a look, seeing the level of specification for yourself. Just give Formation Works a quick call – you won’t regret it!


To watch Paul’s interview visit our YouTube Channel here.