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Top 10 Tips for Creating the Ideal Workspace

13th May 2024

At Formation Works, we’re rather obsessed with interior design. Not only does a modern office interior look good, but we also know how much it can enhance a member’s experience and boost creativity and productivity among employees.

Whilst we pay close attention to every detail in designing our spaces, we also prioritise collaboration with our members for their private office spaces. This collaborative approach allows members to imprint their unique style.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to make your office space appealing—whether in a shared environment or a traditional office setting—read on for our top 10 tips on creating the ideal workspace.


Create a Functional Space

As important as aesthetics are, first it is important to get the functionality correct. Think carefully about how furniture items and equipment should be positioned in relation to each other and how to create the best sense of flow in the office. Consider the location of shared resources like printers, water coolers etc to achieve optimum accessibility for all their users.


Light it Up

Natural light is an important factor in achieving a healthy workplace experience. Where possible, try and ensure you and your staff can enjoy a source of natural light. Positioning your desks in relation to light sources – whether natural or otherwise – is an important consideration. Too much direct light can cause problems associated with glare such as headaches and eye strain. Try and make light sources variable for this reason, via dim out blinds, dimmer switches for lamps and overhead lights and the like.


Incorporate your company’s identity

Ensure your office space is a good fit for your own company and for your industry – make it relevant to what you do. If you’re in the creative industry, make sure to incorporate artwork and playful furniture into your space. For a tech company, you’ll want to ensure your electrical items are state of the art. Try to avoid an overly corporate look, unless that’s exactly what your customers expect from you and it’s a space you’re comfortable in. Make sure you have your company’s branding visible in prominent positions in the office as a visual reminder to your staff of why they are there.


Personalise your space

Make sure you make your personal workspace exactly that – personal to you – and encourage your staff to do the same. You may want to keep a minimalist design and that’s fine, but allow each individual to design a space around them that is conducive to productivity and happiness at work. Whether that means photos of kids and pets, motivational quotes or colour co-ordinated stationary (or all of the above), allowing staff to express themselves and bring the positivity vibes will pay dividends in terms of effectiveness at work.



Workstations should achieve optimum ergonomics to help achieve maximum comfort for the user. Furniture, desks and chairs, keyboards etc should all be ergonomically designed to promote the health & safety of your employees. Ensure chair and screen heights are adjusted for each individual’s needs so that eye and neck strain are reduced or eliminated.


Maximise storage

One way to ensure a clutter free workspace is to invest wisely in storage space. Incorporate drawers into your desk to keep your workspace clear and add additional space like vertical and wall mounted shelves. Carefully positioned storage can actually add to the design of a workspace, not take away from it, all whilst leaving your personal spaces easier to work in.


Good vibes only?

It can be a topic of much debate in an office scenario – to listen to the radio or not to listen to the radio. And if so, what station? Some people – particularly of an artistic ilk – rely on music for inspiration and to fuel their creativity. Others, such as those whose work involves writing, can find it an unnecessary distraction. Try to strike a balance in your office environment. Where possible seat the radio listeners together and separate them from those who wish to have silence for their work.



Linked to this is the importance of seating like-minded people together to foster a greater sense of culture in your working environment. Have a think carefully about where to position staff in relation to each other in order to create the best possible culture. Some personalities will clash, but conversely some people sat close to each other will enhance each other’s skill sets, leading to increased productivity and positive results for your business.



Bringing some nature into your office will help promote a sense of wellness. Indoor plants will help improve air quality and can also be beneficial in stress reduction. Best to choose low maintenance ones to have the best chance of success – but don’t forget that even these will need watered regularly. Not only will they bring health benefits, but they help brighten the office too!


Declutter regularly

Creating an attractive workspace is one thing, but keeping it that way can be the biggest challenge! Often when we’re busy that can be reflected in the clutter on our desks, sometimes without us even realising! It’s important for not only the office, but also for your mind, to have a regular clear out of your desk. Try and do a surface tidy once a week and a more thorough one every couple of months to help keep motivation levels strong and help contribute to a more pleasant environment for yourself and those around you.

In conclusion, crafting the perfect workspace is straightforward with the right guidance. Keep these tips in mind to effortlessly enhance your office environment.

For those exploring shared office solutions in Northern Ireland, consider visiting a Formation Works venue. Feel free to get in touch, and one of our team members will contact you to arrange a viewing.